Best Folding Mattresses 2018 – Top Picks & Review

Best Folding Mattress ReviewsIn this guide, we will review top 10 the best folding mattress on Amazon in 2018!

Folding mattresses are a versatile and portable alternative to traditional mattresses. A folding mattress is a mattress that folds up for easy storage and transport. Folding mattresses usually have three panels and fold in two places. Folding mattresses are perfect for an extra guest bed, or for kids to take to sleep overs. They’re also great for camping and travel, or just for lounging around in the living room. If you’re thinking of purchasing a folding mattress, you’ll want to know the best mattresses out there, what to look for, and how you might use your new folding mattress. You can check our review top floor mattress here.

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Features to Look for Before Purchasing the Best Foldable Mattress

Type of Foam

The design of the bed determines its comfort and quality. You’ll encounter memory foam folding mattresses or polyurethane and latex foam folding beds. Memory foam conforms to the body’s curves and therefore more comfortable. This makes them expensive as they are durable.

Polyurethane foam and latex foam are on the budget-friendly end. They are not meant to serve you for a long time but still provide a comfortable sleeping surface. The support is also great since foam is firm. Most back sleepers will prefer a latex foam folding mattress.

The Cover

The top surface is the area that is in contact with your skin. Some covers are from wool while others are made from cotton. Polyester is more breathable and wicks away sweat, but most of the time it is not machine–washable.

Cotton covers are removable so that you can spot clean it or machine-wash it. If you are buying the best folding mattress for use by kids, a removable cover will work great.

Don’t forget to look for other types of covers with a construction from sturdy, waterproof materials.


Folding mattresses come in three sizes: twin, full, and queen. They offer a choice according to the needs and your budget. As you know a large size means paying more money. It’s always important to double check the measurements since sometimes you may get a mattress that claims to be a particular size only to find the dimensions are way off from the foundation it will be using.


Look at how thick the mattress is. For most beds, the thicker it is, the comfier it feels. When using a fold-up mattress without a box foundation, you’ll need it to be packed and firm so that you’ll not sink and feel the ground against your body. Look for beds that offer a firm base measuring from 3 inches to 9 inches.


If your primary reason for purchasing a fold-up mattress is for taking it to the outdoors, it should fold quickly into a subtle size. You don’t want to wrestle down a mattress every time you leave camp. Looking at its portability, you should also consider a lightweight bed.

Best Folding Mattresses Reviews – Top Picks

1. D&D Futon Furniture Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed

D&D Futon Furniture Sleeper Chair Folding Foam Bed
This foldable mattress by D&D Futon Furniture is highly flexible and incredibly comfortable that makes it the perfect addition to your home furniture. The foldable mattress can be easily transformed from a mattress to a sofa to a high chair that makes it ideal for any occasion. Whether you are looking to take a power nap, watch TV, read a book, or play video games, this versatile foldable mattress is the ideal choice for you.

Foam: This 6 inch foldable mattress has been constructed with a high-density, high-quality white foam that provides high levels of comfort to ensure that you sleep well during the night. When compared to memory foam, this high-density white foam is much lighter but it does not offer the same durability and resilience that memory foam does. To conclude, this foldable mattress is recommended for indoor use because it is not as versatile or sturdy as foldable memory foam mattresses.

Cover: The cover for this foldable mattress is made up of 100% polyester and features a solid gray color that adds to the overall looks of the mattress. The polyester fabric protects the foam inside the mattress from moisture, dust, and other environmental elements to ensure that the mattress remains clean and fresh. The zippered cover is machine washable which makes cleaning a very convenient and easy task.

Thickness: With a thickness of 6 inches, this is one of the thicker foldable mattresses in this review list. The thick design of this foldable mattress makes it one of the most comfortable mattresses to sleep on. The sleeping surface of the mattress is firm and consistent that does not sink in or sag when you lay down on it. The 6 inch thickness, this foldable mattress can sustain heavy loads without losing its firmness.

Size: The foldable mattress is available in one size only that measures 70 x 36 x 6 (length x width x height). The mattress provides sufficient space for an adult to lay down on it. Due to the broader design, this foldable mattress is recommended for individuals that are looking for that extra bit of space in their beds.

Portability: This is yet another tri-fold foldable mattress that can be packed up into three panels for easy storage and transportation. The thoughtful design of this foldable mattress allows it to be transformed into a comfortable sofa by stacking two panels on top of each other with the third acting as the backrest for the chair. When folded, the mattresses measures 30 x 36 x 12 inches (length x width x height) that is not as easy to store and carry as most other mattresses in this list. As we discussed earlier, the 6 inch thickness of the mattress provides high levels of comfort but it is a direct tradeoff with the portability of the mattress. This foldable mattress weighs 23 pounds that makes it difficult to carry around when needed. This restricts the domain of this foldable mattress to indoor use only. All in all, while this foldable mattress offers optimum comfort levels, it is not as portable as most other options available today.

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2. LUCID 4 Inch Folding Mattress – Queen Size

LUCID 4 Inch Folding Mattress - Queen Size
Lucid 4-inch is best choice by Amazon. Why do we consider this as the best folding mattress?

Innovative Design: The LUCID model comes in a unique style. It can be disguised as a living room sofa and used as a guest bed when it’s time to turn in. The panels are robust and steady such that they can stay firm on the floor without extra support. The folding parts are divided into four such that the first two can make for excellent back support when used as a couch.

You can choose from seven sizes meaning that everyone in the family can have the size that suits their requirements. Couples will find the queen size efficient for comfortable, satisfying sleep. The foam enjoys zero motion transfer by localizing your movements to only where you sleep.

Offers Superb Portability: This bed achieves a low profile during transport. It is only 12 inches high when collapsed to the folded dimensions. It comes with two carrying handles on the sides. You don’t need to invest in a carry bag. It is ready for transport as it is. The weight is quite manageable at 17 pounds. Although kids will need some help adults will not hassle bringing it to different rooms.

Deluxe Foam: This bed enjoys responsive memory foam on the top. It ensures your sleep is deep by eliminating pressure from your hips and shoulders. It relieves pain from the back by thoroughly relaxing your muscles. If you are a camping fan, this bed will take you places. It ensures your body rests sufficiently so that you can undertake expeditions full of energy.

Looking at the supportive base, it’s pleasing to find that 3.5 inches are dedicated to providing underlying pushback. Your body does not sink to the bottom when you apply your weight to it. The foam offers maximum support by aligning your body evenly. It also prevents sagging and wearing unevenly.

Meets High Safety: The foam is CertPUR-US certified. The performance is exceptional as it has passed the quality standardization checks. You should expect an odor-free mattress that remains clean all-through the time you’ll be using it. Don’t fret about sleeping on a bed derived from chemicals. Babies and seniors have a pass to sleep on it without any present or future health complications.

Removable Cover: The cover exhibits a luxuriously soft feeling. It provides a comfy surface since it does not cause any skin irritations. Seeing that it protects the mattress from dirt, dust, and sweat, it will catch on with stains and debris. But don’t you worry; it is removable and machine-washable. LUCID recommends using warm water and a mild detergent to preserve its shape and soft properties.

Snags but Not Real Drawbacks

Does not fit back into initial shipping package: When the mattress has expanded entirely, it is impossible to compress it into a duffel bag or the shipping bag. The folded dimensions are as small as it gets.

A bit Soft for Back Sleepers: For heavy back sleepers, the memory foam top layer gives in to too much pressure. Side sleepers will love the feeling it gives them.


  • Infused with responsive memory foam
  • No chemical odors upon opening the package
  • Supportive foam base
  • CertPUR-US certified for performance, quality, and environment safety
  • Comes with carrying handles


  • Feels soft for heavy back sleepers
  • Doesn’t compress further than the folded dimensions

3. Zinus Memory Foam 4 Inch Tri-Fold Comfort Portable

Zinus Memory Foam 4 Inch Tri-Fold Comfort Portable
The Sleep Master Tri-Fold Comfort Mat is an excellent memory foam folding mattress. This folding mattress is made from three separate layers of foam to provide extra comfort. There’s a 1-inch layer of dense base foam for support, 2 inches of regular foam, and 1 inch of high-quality memory foam. The memory foam used in this mattress is a special type created by the manufacturer called BioFoam. BioFoam contains natural ingredients that help to absorb moisture and eliminate odors so the mattress stays fresh.

The mattress has a removable and machine-washable cover. This folding mattress is only available in a twin size. The mattress weighs just under 16 pounds, making it easy to carry, although there are no handles. The Sleep Master Memory Foam 4 Inch Tri-Fold Comfort Mat only comes in a standard twin size.

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4. Innovex FM439FPB Fold N Go tri-fold memory foam

Innovex FM439FPB Fold N Go tri-fold memory foam
This tri-fold foldable mattress has been constructed with a dual-layer of memory foam and high-density foam for providing you with a satisfying sleeping experience. The waterproof cover and the storage case for the foldable mattress keep it protected from dust, moisture, and other environmental elements. This foldable mattress is recommended for individuals that are looking to put comfort and durability above everything else. You can You make check out the memory foam mattress here.

Foam: This foldable mattress has been constructed with a 4 inch dual-layered foam that provides you with a firm and comfortable surface to sleep on. The base layer of the mattress is made from 3 inches of traditional high-density foam while the top layer is made from 1 inch of memory foam. The layer of memory foam adds extra support and comfort to the mattress by adjusting itself according to the weight applied.

Cover: The cover on this foldable mattresses makes use of a soft, antimicrobial material to keep the foam protected from environment elements such as dust and mites. Not only this but the cover is waterproof as well that makes this mattress a suitable choice for outdoor trips such as camping. The antimicrobial fiber used for the cover keeps bacteria, bed bugs, and allergens away so that you can sleep sound at night. Finally, the cover is also removable and machine washable that makes it very convenient to clean.

Thickness: This foldable mattress has a standard thickness of 4 inches with a 1 inch top layer of memory foam that significantly reduces the sinking effect that most mattresses have. The mattress provides you optimum levels of comfort by ensuring that it does not sink down to the floor when you lay down on it.

Size: The foldable mattress has dimensions of 75 x 27 x 4 inches (length x width x height) that is intended for single-person use only. While there is ample space for children, the mattress can be inconvenient and uncomfortable for adults because they are confined to a single sleeping position only. It is advised that you pay attention to the dimensions of this mattress before considering it as an option.

Portability: The tri-fold folding technique used for this foldable mattress allows you to fold it into a compact size of just 25 x 27 x 12 inches (length x width x height). As for the weight, ultra-portable foldable mattress weighs only a mere 12 pounds that makes it highly portable. This foldable mattress can be easily packed and stored away for later use as well. InnovEx has also added a carry bag to the package that makes it very easy to carry around the mattress anywhere you like.

5. Milliard Tri-Fold Memory Foam Folding Mattress Review

Milliard Tri-Fold Memory Foam Folding Mattress Review

Why do we consider this as one of the Best Foldable Mattress?

Shows Great Convenience

Milliard always tops the list when it comes to providing dependable folding mattresses. This bed, in particular, unfolds in simple steps. You can lay it absolutely everywhere from the bedroom floor to the lounge, or mobile home. You’ll find it useful for camping tents as it will save you from a hard floor. Not to mention, it gives superior comfort thanks to the 6 inches thickness.

It folds neatly when storing so that it takes little room in the closet. With the small folded size, it can stay in an upright or ottoman position with regard to the space you’ve saved for storage.

Jacquard Bamboo Cover

The plush properties of this mattress are exhibited in the bamboo cover. Bamboo is well-known for its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties. It is the perfect sleeping surface and the healthiest option in folding beds. You can stay free from breathing into harmful chemicals. If you want an odorless mattress from the time you take it off the package, you’ll give the Milliard model serious consideration.

You’ll also like that it removable and washable. Your bed stays clean and fresh as it resists odors, dust, and odor accumulations. It boasts an anti-slip bottom which adds stability to the robust base.

Luxurious Memory Foam Design

You have a bed that uses 3 lbs plush memory foam on the 1.5 inch top layer. It is synonymous with even sleep all throughout the night. Your muscles can relax and rest easy as it conforms to the contours of your body. You’ll like how well it evens out the pressure of your weight even for heavy persons.

The base layer has a construction from supportive polyurethane foam. With 4.5 inches of foam, you’ll not sink to the ground. It improves your sleeping experience since it does not sag or lose its shape over time. The foam is CertPUR-US certified meaning it is safe to breathe into. It helps you steer clear of any allergic effects of chemicals.

The mattress also stays clear of the use of any heavy metals like mercury and lead. Better still, it does not contain ozone depleters and fire retardants. It has been tested for low VOC (Volatile Chemical Compounds) emissions, formaldehyde, and prohibited phthalates.

Ample Ventilation: No one likes sleeping hot. Milliard ensures you have quality sleep by making air inlets between the two layers. It helps to dispel excess heat to the outside. Even if you are sleeping in a poorly ventilated tent in the desert’s sun, your mattress works to fulfill conducive sleeping.

Snags but Not Real Drawbacks

It’s heavy: With 6 inches of dense memory foam and polyurethane foam, this bed weighs 27.5 pounds. It limits carriage by kids and persons who have weight lifting limitations. For the comfortable sleep it offers, you’ll have to contend with the additional weight.

It does not wear evenly: This mattress contours to the body. After some time you’ll want to rotate it to allow for even wear. The memory foam does bounce back to its original shape, but after some time it may lose the elasticity where you’ll notice some consistent sinking in the middle.


  • Merges memory foam and polyurethane foam
  • Free from chemical odors
  • 6 inches thick
  • Folds and unfolds quickly
  • Functional for many needs
  • Bamboo cover


  • Cumbersome for persons who can’t lift over 25 pounds
  • Needs occasional rotating

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6. Sproutwise Kids Folding Pack n Play Mattress

Sproutwise Kids Folding Pack n Play Mattress
The Sproutwise Kids Folding Pack n Play Mattress is designed with babies in mind. This is by far the best folding mattress for babies, toddlers, or very young children. The mattress is only 2 inches thick, but since it’s meant for babies to play or nap on, this shouldn’t be an issue. It’s made of supportive latex foam, which is very dense and comfortable.

The cover on the Sproutwise Kids Folding Pack n Play Mattress is white and is made of ultra-soft bamboo. It’s hypoallergenic and free of unnatural ingredients and chemicals, so it’s safe for all babies.The cover also contains a food-grade waterproof liner, guaranteeing the foam core of the mattress will be safe from spills and water damage. The liner can be removed and is machine-washable. Because the cover is white, you can easily wash it with bleach to be sure it gets clean.

The SproutwiseKids Folding Pack n Play Mattress only comes in one size, and it’s pretty small at 38” x 25.5”, but it serves its purpose well. This folding mattress fits perfectly inside most pack n play playpens, providing extra support and comfort for your baby while they play. You can also set the mattress on the floor for playtime or naptime. The mattress weighs only 7.5 pounds, and it comes with a travel bag for easy transportation.

7. Magshion Futon Furniture’s Tri-fold Foldable Bed

Magshion Futon Furniture’s Tri-fold Foldable Bed
This is another sofa-cum-bed that can be used both as convenient foam chair and a comfortable sleeping mattress. This versatile and economical mattress is a good choice for anyone that is looking to add an extra sofa (and bed) to the living room or family room.

Foam: This foldable mattress by Magshion Futon Furniture has been made with high-density white foam that provides a pleasant and comfortable sleeping experience. However, it is important to note here that his foldable white foam mattress is not as versatile or as durable as most foldable memory foam mattresses. This means that it is likely to have a short lifespan, especially if you are looking to use it outdoors.

Cover: Made with polyester, the cover on this foldable mattress protects the internal layer of foam from moisture and dust mites. However, this is a sewed (non-removable) cover which means that you will have to spot-wash the mattress for removing dirt and stains from the cover.

Thickness: Filled with high-density white foam, this foldable mattress has a thickness of 4 inches that makes sure that you do not sink into the floor when you lay down on the mattress. Overall, the mattress provides a consistent and comfortable sleeping experience through the night without sagging or sinking in with time.

Size: This foldable mattress is available in four different sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and Single. The Twin, Full, and Queen size for the mattress have the same standard dimensions as we mentioned above. The Single size has measurements of 75 x 27 x 4 inches (length x width x height) that is suitable for children.

Portability: The tri-fold design on this foldable mattress by Magshion Futon Furniture makes it easy to pack the mattress into a small and convenient three-panel form for transportation. The mattress can also be transformed into a chair by stacking two of the foldable panels onto each other with the third panel vertical (for the backrest of the chair). Moving on to the weight, this lightweight mattress has a weight of only 11 pounds that makes it convenient to carry around during travel.

8. Best Choice Products 4″ Folding Portable Mattress Queen

Best Choice Products 4
CertiPUR-US Certified

With institutions advocating for improved indoor air quality, doctors note that mattresses contribute to low air quality in the home. That’s why every foam mattress has to pass rigorous tests for chemicals with harmful side effects.

This Best Choice Products mattress meets the standards of a chemical-free mattress. Everyone in the household can sleep on it including kids and the seniors. You’ll love how fresh and clean it smells. No more airing a new bed for days even if it comes in a folded size. You have the assurance of durability and comfort in this brand.

Excellent Portability

As they say, a small package brings all the convenience of travel. This bed goes to approximately 1/3 of its size to fit in a small carry bag. You’ll not have troubles bringing it to campsites and RVs. The weight is a little bit more than the Cozzzi brand, but we are sure you can keep up instead of lying on hard ground each night.

This bed comes with two carry handles that make it super easy to lift and take it with you. It gives you a smooth time to transport and bring it to long journeys and vacations.

Fits well with lots of needs: A perfect mattress can be of use for a variety of needs other than sleeping. Best Products designs a bed that can work as a comfortable floor sofa as much as it can be a guest bed and a camping couch. Seeing that it is available in all the three sizes, you can acquire a mattress that suits your specific requirements.

Reliable Support: With 4 inches of high-density foam, you have a bed that gives only to the extent of pressure you apply to it. The mattress molds to your body and provides overall body support. It allows you to rest the pressure points on the shoulders and hips so that you can have a deep and peaceful sleep. It is best for those outdoor escapades where you have to fully relax tired muscles if you wish to undertake more extended adventures.

Removable Washable Cover

You can do with a non-removable cover on a regular bed, but with a mattress that is regularly used on floors, it needs a removable cover. With a soft sleeping surface, you’ll also have it clean wherever you are. It provides you with a fresh bed as it keeps out microbes and debris that could infiltrate the inner layers of the mattress. This means your bed retains its new good condition for a really long time.

The polyurethane cover is machine-friendly since it can be washed and dried at a moment’s notice. You’ll always have it clean each time guests are around or for kids’ playrooms.

Hitches but not Drawbacks

It takes time to expand fully: After removing your mattress from the package, it takes up to 72 hours for it to expand to its full size. As such, you’ll not get it to use it the first few days after bringing it home. For those looking to sleep on it immediately it arrives, you’ll have to exercise a little patience.

Heavier than Regular folding Mattresses: Weighing 19.3 pounds, most adults will not find it too heavy, but kids will hassle with this bed when setting it up. However, for the size, it comes with more comfort and thickness which is exhibited by the extra weight.


  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Made with high-density foam
  • Machine-washable polyurethane cover
  • 4 inches thick for maximum support
  • Tri-fold easy transport mechanism


  • Weighs more than regular folding beds
  • You have to wait for 72 hours for it to expand fully

9. Best Price Mattress Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress

Best Price Mattress Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress
A foldable mattress that features a minimalistic design which makes it ideal for sleepovers, camping, and car trips. Despite being made from a thick layer of memory foam, this mattress is one of the most lightweight foldable mattresses in this list that makes it convenient to pack and carry around with you.

Foam: This foldable mattress by Best Price Mattress has a dual-layered foam with a 2.5 inch high-density base foam and a 1.5 inch memory foam on top. The memory foam conforms itself when you lay down on the mattress to provide added support and comfort. The thick layer of memory foam also ensures that the sleeping surface is firm and sturdy so that you do not sink in as you lay down on it. All in all, the mattress provides a pleasant and comfortable sleeping experience, especially when you are away from home.

Cover: The Best Price Mattress Tri-fold foldable mattress has a cover made from pure poly-Jacquard material that has an anti-slip bottom for preventing the mattress from sliding. The zippered cover is machine washable and can be easily taken off the mattress for cleaning purposes.

Thickness: The foldable mattress has a thickness of 4 inches with a 1.5 inch layer of high-density memory foam that prevents the mattress from sagging or sinking in. The mattress is recommended for kids and normal-sized adults since it can sustain heavy weights without losing its firmness.

Size: This foldable mattress is available in one size only that is slightly narrower than the standard Twin size. When unfolded, the mattress has dimensions of 75 x 33 x 4 inches (length x width x height) that is suitable for children and single adults.

Portability: This is another foldable mattress that manages to ac
hieve the perfect balance between comfort and portability. The tri-fold design allows the mattress to be packed into a compact size of only 25 x 33 x 12 inches (length x width x height). This is small enough for you to easily carry around in the trunk of your car. As for the weight, this lightweight foldable mattress weighs only 12 pounds that makes it very easy and convenient to store and carry. The mattress is also equipped with an Oxford carry bag that offers storage protection against moisture and dust.

10. D&D Futon Furniture Shikibuton Tri-fold Foam Bed

D&D Futon Furniture Shikibuton Tri-fold Foam Bed
This foldable mattress has been named Shikibuton by D&D Futon Furniture because of its minimalistic design that closely resembles the traditional Japanese Shikibuton mattress. Available in an appealing royal blue color, this foldable mattress is a suitable choice for anyone that is looking to add an extra bed to their living room, guestroom, or dorm. The D&D Futon Furniture Shikibuton is an economical foldable mattress that is perfect for anyone that is looking for ultra-high portability.

Foam: This foldable mattress is filled with a high-density, resilient white foam offers good support and high levels of comfort. However, this foam is not as comfortable (and durable) as high-quality memory foam and thus, it is not recommended for individuals that are looking for premium sleeping surfaces.

Cover: The royal blue cover on this foldable shikibuton mattress is what makes it stand out from the rest of its competition in terms of appearance. The cover itself is made up of pure polyester that is resistant to dust mites and bacteria. Sadly though, the cover is not removable which means that you will need to stick to spot-cleaning for this foldable mattress.

Thickness: The shikibuton mattress has a thickness of only 3 inches that is much less than the standard thickness for foldable mattresses. Despite this though, the foldable mattress manages to hold up quite well. There is not much sagginessand the mattress does not sink down to the floor, even when an adult is laying on it. However, it is worth mentioning here that this thin mattress is not as comfortable as most other foldable mattresses available in the market today.

Size: The foldable mattress is available in a single size only that has dimensions of 75 x 27 x 4 inches (length x width x height). This size is much narrower than the standard Twin size which makes it perfect for use by children but it not as convenient and comfortable for adults.

Portability: The primary focus of the D&D Futon Furniture Shikibuton Bed is portability. The tri-fold design of the mattress allows it to be folded into a compact ottoman size of 25 x 27 x 9 inches (length x width x height) for easy transportation and storage. The weight of the mattress, though, is what truly sets it apart from all its competition. With a weight of only 8 pounds, this is one of the most lightweight foldable mattresses available today. It is very easy to pack, store, and carry around this mattress as needed.

Best Uses for Folding Mattresses

Folding mattresses are great because they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Since you can take a folding mattress anywhere you go, you’ll find yourself using it for many different purposes.


Folding mattresses are ideal for camping trips. Instead of bringing along a sleeping bag, take your folding mattress on your next camping trip. A folding mattress keeps you from having to sleep on the hard, bumpy ground. It will save you from pain and soreness when you wake up and ensure you’re comfortable on your camping trip. You can also fold up your folding mattress and use it as a seat by the campfire when you’re not sleeping.


Kids will love taking a folding mattress with them for sleepovers at friends’ houses. They will be much more comfortable sleeping on a folding mattress instead of in a sleeping bag or on the floor. Folding mattresses are easy to transport, so you can pack it up and send it off with the kids wherever they go. You’ll have other parents asking where you got such a great, portable mattress!

Guest bed

If you’re short on space but still want to invite guests to spend the night at your home, a folding mattress is the perfect solution. You can be sure guests will be comfortable sleeping on a nice folding mattress, and they won’t have to suffer through the night on an uncomfortable couch or futon. When you don’t have any guests staying over, you can easily store a folding mattress, so you don’t have to give up any space in your house for a guest bed you’ll hardly use.


Foldable mattresses are a portable sleeping solution that can be very useful in a number of different situations. There are numerous foldable mattresses available in the market today that can make it very difficult to choose the right mattress. In this guide, we cover everything that you need to know about foldable mattresses to assist you in choosing the best foldable mattress according to your requirements.