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Which The Best Sleeping Positions For You

December 20, 2016

Your sleeping pose can have a major impact on your slumber as well as your overall health. Poor p.m. posture could potentially cause back and neck pain, fatigue, sleep apnea, muscle cramping, impaired circulation, headaches, heartburn, tummy troubles, and even premature wrinkles. Let’s out the video below to find out advantages and disadvantages of sleeping positions.

What are the best sleeping positions?

The Foetus ( Sleeping on the side, knees bent, arms out): This is the most common positions and also the best all-around to keep circulation strong and not put undue strain on core body parts.

The starfish (Sleeping on the back, legs out arms out ): A slightly better position, if you can try to take up as much space as possible, your body will be more relaxed. However, there is still a risk of snoring.

The learner (Sleep on the side, legs straight, arms out): A good position for the back discs, muscles and ligaments. Try to not bend forward too much, as this can lead to a slouch.

The soldier (Sleeping on the back, legs straight, arms by side): Not advised. This position has a high risk of snoring, and the tongue can fall to the back of the throat.

The log (Sleeping on the side, legs straight, arms down): A good all around the position which keeps the spine in a neutral format. This position can prove hard to maintain and also cause pins and needles for the arm under the body, so is not as good as the Foetus.

The freefalling (Sleeping on the front, head turned, arms up on the pillow): Seen as the worst position due to a 90-degree neck angle with pins and needs in the upturned hands.

Pregnancy: The best sleeping position for pregnancy is to sleep on your side to help blood flow and reduce swelling in ankles, hands any feet.

Sitting: The best position to improve oxygenation, however not ideal as generally uncomfortable, and a position that feels unnatural.

Standing up: For the majority of us, it is impossible to fall asleep standing up due to a large strain on the knees. Mainly due to sleep deprivation rather than good physical sleep.

Which are sleeping positions most popular?

  • Lying on the side with arms on the sides is 39%
  • Lying on the side with legs bent is 28%
  • Lying on the back with arms by the side is 15%
  • Lying on the stomach is 8%
  • Lying on the back with arms by the head is 5%
  • 5% finally is Unknown

Pillow placement

Sleeping on your stomach: Place a pillow under the hips to take stress off the lower back and neck.

Sleeping on your side: Place a pillow under the head and neck with one between the knees. This opens the hips as prevents knees from knocking together.

Back sleeping: Place a pillow under the head and one beneath the knees. This relieves pressure on the lower back. Read how to choose pillow for back sleepers.

Hopefully, with useful information will help you have a good sleep and deep.

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