Best Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

Have you ever experienced difficulties when driving and towing a heavy load? This could have been easily avoided by using weight distribution hitch equipment. Such deivices help to keep your trailer and towing vehicle in line. To put your mind at rest, below we offer the best weight distribution hitch with sway control reviews for your consideration.

When to Use a Weight Distribution Hitch

Best Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway ControlIt is not every trailer that needs a weight distribution hitch. There are certain situations where it is needed. The major ones are as follows:

  • If after hooking up your trailer, the rear of your tow-vehicle sags, then that is the perfect indication that you need a weight distribution hitch. Installing one in this case, will level off both your tow-vehicle and the trailer
  • If your trailer happens to sway while you are on the road, then you also need a weight distribution hitch. The reason is because weight distribution hitches also come with either a sway prevention or sway control system
  • If your trailer’s gross trailer weight is above 50% of your tow vehicle’s gross vehicle weight, then you need a weight distribution hitch
  • In the event that hooking up a trailer makes it difficult for you to steer or stop your vehicle, or if you notice your headlights pointing up, then you need it
  • If you are considering towing the maximum weight that your trailer hitch allows, then you need a weight distribution hitch

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Top 10 Best Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control

Here are the top 10 best weight distribution hitch for sale in 2018. Hopefully, our review will help you choose a product that meets your requirements.

1. Eaz-Lift Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit

Eaz-Lift Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit
This hitch kit comes with several pre-installed parts. The first is the hitch ball and the sway control ball. These two have been torqued to specification on adjustable ball mount. Secondly, you will find that the chain package and the u-bolts are also pre-installed on the spring bars.

The hitch has a tongue load capacity of 1000 lbs and 10,000 lbs is the maximum gross weight rating. It is composed of the 1000 lbs load distribution hitch, the sway control and the hitch ball. All the mounting hardware such as hook up brackets, chains, spring bars, shank hitch pins, ball mount and clips are also included in the package. It weighs 96 lbs.

Eaz-Lift 48058 ensures that your trip is comfortable through the positive latch action of the interchangeable bars. When using it, your ground clearance will not be compromised and they also do not increase the noise.


  • You can easily release the sway controls when you do not need to use them.
  • You will find that sway controls still work well when you are negotiating bends.
  • The spring bars are made from chrome molybdenum steel which guarantees both strength as well as smooth towing.
  • It comes with a clear set of installation instructions which ensure that your installation is quick and stress-free.
  • It makes you car and the trailer one as it does not sway or bob up and down. This effect will hold up even when driving in strong winds.
  • It also has a five year warranty which is a guarantee of the quality of the product.


  • You may have to take off the sway parts when you want to reverse your vehicle. This may also be required when negotiating tight spaces.
  • The ball angle may need to be set with an impact wrench or a cheat bar. This is because the bolt that is used to secure this angle may still slip even after tightening.
  • The load equalizing bars will not work on a v-nose trailer. These bars are too long to fit the space available on these trailers. This means that the sway control will be of no help here as well.
  • It does not eliminate all the sag and some customers have found that for their vehicles it only eliminates about an inch of sag.

2. Eaz-Lift 48053 1,000 lbs Elite Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitch

Eaz-Lift 48053 1,000 lbs Elite Bent Bar Weight Distributing Hitch
This (Eaz-Lift 48053) is another hitch with excellent qualities for towing your trailer with. It comes with 1000 lbs tongue load capacity and 10,000 lbs gross load rating. It weighs 5 lbs and comes with a five year warranty as well. It has interchangeable bars which provide the positive latching actions that guarantee stability and a comfortable trip.

It comes with an adjustable hitch with a bolt package and clips. In addition to this there is an adjustable ball mount. All the mounting hardware is included in the purchase and there is an easy to follow set of instructions availed to you as well.

Some of the things included in the package are the ball mount, the hook up bracket, chains, spring bars, shank hitch pin, clip and bolt package. For this hitch, the rise is 5.5 inches, the drop is 2.5 inches, the length is 10 inches and the shank size is 2 inches by 2 inches.

When used as a load equalizing hitch together with the spring bars provided, the maximum tongue weight is 1000 lbs and the maximum trailer weight is 10,000 lbs. Utilizing it as a load carrying hitch without the spring bars, the maximum tongue and trailer load respectively are 600 lbs and 6000 lbs.


  • It is an excellent hitch for towing a trailer that is much heavier than the tow vehicle. Anything more than half the load of the tow vehicle will be easily towed.
  • It is very stable and comfortable for the driver when towing a vehicle. It ensures that the vehicle does not sway or squat. It also gets rid of sag and allows you to stop easily.
  • It comes with clear and understandable installation instructions making it easy for anyone to put it together.
  • The hitch can be adjusted easily to accommodate your vehicle. You can adjust the angle and the height.
  • It is easy to disconnect this hitch when not using it.
  • It is made of great quality material and you can be sure that it will last for a long time.


  • The hitch is a bit heavy and thus carrying it around when fixing it or unfixing it is not easy especially if you are slightly built. You are looking at a combined weight of 80 lbs made up of the ball mount, shanks and springs.
  • You will need to regularly grease the spring bars with grease. You can make use of a grease gun for this. This however will be a messy endeavour and you may want to have an apron on when applying the grease.
  • When you unhook the trailer, the hitch sockets accumulate dirt fast and this can be a problem when you want to attach the trailer again. To overcome this, you can cover the sockets whenever they are not in use with a convenient material.
  • You will need extra tools for installation as the package does not come with them. An example of this is a compatible torque wrench.
  • If you want to keep your vehicle from swaying you will have to purchase anti-sway bars as an extra to this hitch as they do not form part of the package.
  • The powder coating that it comes with wears out pretty fast and you may want to coat it with anti-rust paint.

3. Pro Series 49903 Complete Weight Distribution Kit

Pro Series 49903 Complete Weight Distribution Kit
Pro Series 49903 Complete weight distribution package is designed to be a provider of every function that you will normally expect from a weight distribution, but to cost much less. Although practically a budget weight distribution system, the Pro Series 49903 still features quality engineering with sturdy and long lasting components designed to improve your towing, and make your road trips a much safer event.

Everything you need to set the system up is included in the package. These include the chrome hitch ball and mount, the shank, the spring bars, chain, and the sway control mechanisms. This Pro Series system can handle trailers with the highest trailer weight rating of 10,000 lbs. Its maximum tongue rating is set at 1,000 lbs. Its specially designed spring bars handle this enormous tongue weight, and will keep both your tow vehicle and trailer in line, making your trip thereby safer, more comfortable and enjoyable.

The sway control ball comes pre-installed, so too do the u-bolts and chains, as well as the hitch ball. This makes the installation of the Pro Series 49903 relatively easy. All the necessary installation hardware is provided and the system is also backed by a 10 year limited warranty from Pro Series.

4. Reese 49902 Complete Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit

Reese 49902 Complete Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit
This is a load equalizing kit that boasts the ability to enhance towing, guarantees safety of the experience and delivers exceptional performance. It has a new combination single piece cast head and comes with pre-installed and torqued sway control balls. Along with these come the hitch ball, the chains and the u-bolt.

The head is fabricated and the hitch bar is welded. Sway control is through friction and the package comes with the mounting hardware. The unit is quite heavy, coming in at 102 lbs.

This kit is ideal for vehicles that have a tongue weight that is not more than 750 lbs and a gross trailer weight of 10,000 lbs. It comes with a standard hitch bar which is 2 inches square, has a one inch drop and a rise of five and a half inches, with a 12 inch length.


  • It is a very strong and stable hitch and will definitely get you to your destination.
  • This hitch is easy to install and comes with instructions on the same.


  • You will need a longer drop bar which must be purchased separately, if you have a 16 inch ball height or les on your enclosed trailer.
  • The cotter pin that is used to hold the chains in place is made of very low quality material. You must replace it immediately as you run the risk of it snapping when you go down an incline that is sharp. Replace it with a thick arched closure pin.

5. Andersen Mfg 3350 No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch

Andersen Mfg 3350 No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch
The 3350 from Anderson Hitches is designed entirely differently from the other weight distributing hitches in this review. Its completely different design and functioning principle is amazing for a system that weighs less than 60 lbs., yet it features a maximum trailer weight rating (GTWR) of 16,000 lbs. For the tongue weight, it is rated at 1,400 lbs. Additionally, there are absolutely no problems with backing up, when you have this system installed.

There are no extras to buy with this system, because it comes complete with everything you need to get it going. A 2.3-inch ball is available, and when installed with shanks, allows the tow vehicle to easily tow other trailers without the system installed. The system is quiet, efficient and easy to install. With a simple one-pin removal, you can attach or remove it from the tow vehicle. If you need the best weight distribution hitch when it comes to modern hitch design and efficiency, then you are looking at it.

It requires no grease, and there are no tension bars to install. Trailers with 3-inch up to 8-inch frames are compatible with the system. When using a 2-inch rack, the maximum tongue weight rating is 1,400 lbs. and the highest allowed gross trailer weight is 14,000 lbs. When using a 2.5-inch rack, the maximum tongue weight rating increases to 1,600 lbs., with a gross trailer rating of 16,000 lbs. In ending our Anderson weight distribution hitch reviews, it is worth noting that this hitch is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

6. Husky 30849 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch

Husky 30849 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch
This kit is exceptional in that it is strong and comes with many advantageous features. The unit gives a steady ride allowing you to have more control. It eases braking when pulling a trailer, and reduces the strain on your car while allowing you to carry more.

It comes with a built-together ball shank and it also has sway control. Its capacity is up to 1200 lbs with a gross trailer weight of 12000 pounds.

It comes in a nice black polyester finish which is resistant to rust and corrosion. It has convenient lift brackets that allow you to lift the hitch so that you can hook it up. The spring bars provided are interchangeable and you can either fit them on the left or on the right side of the head.

The package comes with all the hardware required for the assembly and this includes the chains. The length of the shank is 10 inches while the ball to pin hole is 12-3/4 inches. It has a rise of 5-5/8 inches and a drop of 2-3/8 inches. The total height adjustment reaches 8 inches.

The whole unit weighs 104 pounds. The ball platform of this set is raised to give you better coupler clearance.


  • The design is innovative and of a high quality assuring you of service for a long time to come.
  • It comes with a dual friction brake pad system which works by adjusting the sway constantly so that it is reduced. This is especially handy when driving when it is windy and you are passing other vehicles.
  • It is easy to unfix it when you are not using it and need to store it. It has clip connectors which you can detach quickly.
  • When using this kit you will be able to pull a trailer that is over 24 inches long as you can make use of both hand sway controls. You will use on the right and the other on the left.
  • It allows for the use of varying trailer sizes because it can accommodate spring bars with different capacities.
  • Its head design allows is made to reduce the time taken in installation.


  • It takes more than the hour stated in the instructions to install. It will require patience and a few hours.
  • It does not come with the dual sway plat form control balls. You will have to purchase these as well.

7. Equal-i-zer 90001000 Equalizer Hitch

Equal-i-zer 90001000 Equalizer Hitch
Equal-i-zer’s 10,000 lbs. rated weight distribution hitch features a unique design which forgoes the use of chains in order to provide sway control, as well as proper weight distribution between the tow vehicle and your trailer. The resulting design is a spring bar attached directly to the trailer frame, resulting in a rigid system.

This weight distribution kit comes with everything you need, except a hitch ball, although there is a similar package which comes with the ball. There are clamp-on brackets with which to fasten the system unto the trailer’s frame, requiring no drilling. There is also the head assembly, spring bars, lift handle, sway control brackets, and an adjustable shank.

It has a gross trailer weight (GTW) rating of 10,000 lbs. with a 1,000 lbs. tongue weight. The shank is 12 inches long, the metallic spring rods are 36 inches long, and they are compatible with 2-inch x 2-inch trailer hitch receiver tubes. In ending this equalizer hitch review, it is worth noting that this system is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

8. Husky 32218 Center Line TS with Spring Bars

Husky 32218 Center Line TS with Spring Bars
For a system that supports up to 1,200 lbs. of tongue weight, Husky offers the 32218 as combination weight distributing system and sway control. The package comes with everything necessary for installation. It does not use chains to connect the tension bars with the trailer frame, rather, they are attached directly.

The system is quiet and lightweight, and will pull trailers with maximum weight ratings of up to 12,000 lbs. The hitch ball is pre-installed and appropriately torqued, and the other components are made from forged and hardened steel, which makes them very durable. The package also comes with a handle for hooking-up and removing the tension bars.

Its design allows it to react faster to sway than other products, thus providing for a smoother and more enjoyable ride. The Center Line TS from Husky is available in three models. The first uses a 2 inch ball and is rated at up to 600 lbs. tongue weight. The second uses a 2.3-inch ball and is rated at up to 800 lbs. while this 32218 model also uses a 2.3-inch ball, but is rated at up to 1,200 lbs.


9. Fastway 94-00-1000 e2 Series 2-Point Sway Hitch

Fastway 94-00-1000 e2 Series 2-Point Sway Hitch
Fastway’s e2 uses a round bar for tension control. It is rated with a maximum GTW (Gross Trailer Weight) of 10,000 lbs. Its maximum tongue weight is 1,000 lbs. It also features a built-in sway control, and there are neither backup nor turning restrictions when towing with this weight distributing hitch. This Fastway hitch was designed without chains, so that the spring bars hookup directly to the trailer’s frame. This allows a better sway control and maximizes weight distribution as well.

The e2 package is comprised of a 2.3-inch hitch ball pre-installed, together with the shank. This creates an easy to install system, because all you have to do, is to insert the shank in the receiver hitch and the spring bars can easily be fastened unto the trailer’s frame. The shank is adjustable as well, and the solid metal spring bars have rounded shapes for more strength and firmness.

The shank has a 12-inch length, and the sway control brackets can be attached anywhere between 27 and 30 inches from the coupler, making for a more flexible installation. Finally, the system is backed by a 10 year warranty from Fastway.

10. Husky 31996 800LB Weight Distribution Hitch

Husky 31996 800LB Weight Distribution Hitch
Husky’s model #31996 is a weight distribution hitch system with a maximum rated gross trailer weight of 8,000 lbs. Its rated tongue weight is 800 lbs. The system comes complete with everything needed for installation, including the 12 inches long, 2-inch square hitch bar, a friction sway control unit, a pre-assembled hitch ball and the spring bars with their chains.

Recommended for trailers over 16ft. in length, this hitch system will diminish sway from strong winds and passing vehicles, thereby making your trailer more stable and safe. The shank is 10 inches long. There is a total height adjustment of 8 inches. There is a 6.25-inch rise and a 1.75-inch drop. A 2-inch hitch ball is also pre-installed, as well as a sway control ball. It is simply ready-to-use, right out of the box.

Things to Learn

Weight Carrying and Weight Distribution

Weight Carrying

When driving and towing a trailer, problems may occur if you are not using a weight distribution hitch – and these can prove nerve-wracking.

  • One thing that you may experience is that the weight of the trailer you are pulling can be transferred to the car you are driving. When this happens, you will notice that the back part of your car is lower and the front part of your car will rise up.
  • Another thing – this may cause your trailer to sway. These issues might affect your driving performance, and you may find it difficult to focus on the road.

Weight Distribution

Driving and towing a trailer is not a problem if you use a weight distribution hitch as a tool to help you bring your trailer to its destination.

Weight distribution equipment makes use of spring bars. These will help the car pull the trailer and prevent the problems that may arise when the weight of the trailer is at least 50% heavier than your car.

It is possible to achieve an evenly distributed weight for the trailer. With weight distribution systems, you can experience a smoother, safer, relaxing day on the road.

What Comprises a Weight Distribution Hitch?

In order to find out about the best quality weight distribution hitches for sale on the market today, you need to read various weight distribution hitch reviews.

But, aside from that, you should also understand the components comprising a weight distribution hitch. Awareness of these components can help you check the items on sale and might just help you figure out what to buy.

Ball: A weight distribution system hitch contains a ball mount. This ball includes the shank, which normally slides into the trailer hitch and the ball platform or the weight distribution head; the spring bars; and the mounting brackets.

Trailer hitch: A trailer hitch is usually attached to the frame of your towing vehicle. The hitch also gives the receiver an opening through which the weight distribution shank slides into.

A trailer hitch can be classified accordingly, based on its capacity to carry weight. It can be categorized as Class II, Class IV or Class V, and you should use it with an appropriate weight distribution hitch.

Weight capacity: If you would like to know about the weight capacity of a weight distribution hitch, then you have to check the weight rating label attached to the trailer hitch.

There you will find the capacities for load-bearing and weight distribution. You cannot use a weight distribution system hitch if the capacity of your load is not listed under the weight distributing capacity.

Shank: A weight distribution shank plays an important role because it is a piece that slides into the trailer hitch. It will also serve as an attachment spot for your weight distribution head assembly.

Length applicable: To ensure that your trailer will maintain the level of the towing vehicle once it’s hooked up, you have to get the right length, as applicable to your trailer.

Weight distribution head: The weight distribution head assembly is attached to the bolt holes of the shank. This will serve as a mounting spot for your hitch ball and spring bars.

Spring bars: These spring bars are the ones responsible for transmitting the load of the trailer that pushes down on the back of your towing vehicle into the axles of your trailer, towing vehicle or both.

These bars are also the ones in charge of distributing the load’s weight. Thus, they reduce or prevent swaying of the trailer and contribute to your safe driving.

Spring bars vary, there are round spring bars and trunnion spring bars. The Round Spring Bars slide up through the weight distribution head. They are kept in place with clips.

Trunnion Spring Bar: The Trunnion Spring Bars insert into the weight distribution head through the side or the back. When it comes to the effectiveness of these spring bars, there isn’t much of a difference.

There are manufacturers who have customized and special designs or shapes. But when it comes to their function, this is the same whether using Round or Trunnion Spring Bars.

Lift bracket: Lastly, you might find that sometimes a Lift Bracket is mounted to the frame of the trailer. This bracket plays an important role in the weight distribution hitch system because of its purpose of holding the spring bars.

Controlling the Sway

One of the skills that you need to learn is about controlling the sway of your trailer. To this end, you should be aware of the best sway control hitches available for sale. You can find these on the market alongside weight distribution hitch equipment.

Why do you think the trailer sways when you tow it? There are various reasons why a trailer sways. It could be because of crosswinds, because the trailer is too far away or because you are not using a good spring bar tension on your weight distribution hitch.

Remember that the weight distribution hitch prevents the trailer from swaying too much. And it allows an even distribution of the trailer’s weight. That’s why it is important to use a quality weight distribution hitch when towing a trailer.

When it comes to controlling the sway of the trailer that you are towing, there is still something that you can do. Just make sure that you are dealing with a weight distribution hitch that comes with a sway control system. In other words, get the weight distribution hitch that offers the best anti-sway feature to help you tow trailers.

Reducing the Sway

If the trailer is swaying too much, then you need to do something to minimize the problem. So, I suggest you find a weight distribution hitch with a good sway control system to reduce this sway. This time, you should consider friction.

This will help your trailer to reduce sway and shifting. When it comes to friction swaying controls, you can purchase an Independent Friction Sway Control or a Dependent Friction Sway Control.

Independent Friction Sway Control

An Independent Friction Sway Control is a bar style type of friction attached to the trailer frame and the weight distribution hitch.

With the help of this bar, tension is supplied by the sway control unit. When the trailer goes out of the line, then friction happens. Thus, reducing the swaying of the trailer and keeping it in line

Dependent Friction Sway Control

Dependent Friction Sway Control is built into the system of the weight distribution hitch. The friction battles with the swaying of the trailer.

When enough frictional resistance is created through the spring bars, force is applied. This process keeps your trailer in line. This works well with trailers featuring hydraulic brakes.

Preventing the Sway

Sway control systems work well when they function to prevent the trailer from swaying even before it starts. Such systems apply various methods to prevent swaying of the trailer, such as friction and tension., thus keeping the trailer you are towing in line.

To prevent the swaying of the trailer, there are sway control systems that make use of cams to suspend the spring bars of the weight distribution hitch. These cams have ends that are connected to the frame of the trailer and to the lift bracket.

The spring bars sit in the cams. These spring bars also secure your weight distribution system, and allow for a smooth interaction between the trailer and the towing vehicle. Especially during straight line driving, cornering and diverging.

There are also weight distribution hitch systems that have a 4-point built-in sway control system that typically relies on a safe connection of the spring bars, and therefore guaranteeing sufficient tension.

Two of these points are connected to the system head, where the spring bars are firmly held. You can find the other 2 points at the end of the spring bars, where they attach to the frame of the trailer.


And that are all the candidates for the best weight distribution hitch with sway control, see anything you like? Picking a weight distribution hitch is not easy if you don’t know much about it. But with the help of the information above, now you should have a general idea about an optimal design. Compare your preferences with the characteristics of the products then you can make a wise and informed decision.