Helix Mattress Review

It seems, it has never happened in mattress industry to have a brand that makes mattress to customize to every sleeper like Helix. It means that, each mattress’s specifications are different, which only suits the needs the person who buys it. It sounds interesting? But that makes Helix stand out in the market.

To know more information about Helix mattress, keep reading my Helix mattress review.

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Helix’s Mattress Materials


Helix mattress layers

Helix layers (top to bottom) – 2″ Helix dynamic Foam, 2.4″ microcoils, 2″ transition poly foam, 4 base foam

Helix mattress is constructed from three different layers of poly foam and a layer of microcoils. what makes it special is about the unique design for each layer. It is customized to suit the specific needs of each sleeper.

Top layer – this layer is made of 2-inch poly foam with a density of 3.0 PCF (pounds per cubic foot) but this is also a specific foam called Helix Dynamic foam. Basically, it is similar to latex, but it is many times better than latex. It has greater bounce, coolness and responsiveness.

Second layer – this is made of 2.4″ layer of microcoils. also, it contains 1,350 individual coils inside. The goal of using these coils is providing transitional support. In addition, these help to provide pressure relief, great bounce and softness.

Third layer – Helix uses 2-inch poly foam for making this layer. Along with that, the poly foam has a density of 1.8 PCF. This layer is responsible to work with the foundational base and provides support and deep compression support.

Bottom layer – a high density foam with 4 inches in thickness is used for the bottom. In addition, it is split into two seperate foam layers. Lastly, the foam has a density of 1.8 PCF, similar to third layer’s foam.


The Helix mattress cover looks quite modern and nice with a subtle checkerboard pattern on the top piece of fabric. Plus, the combination of blue and white tone places an emphasis on its look. Aside from the aesthetic look, the cover is quite breathable and cooling because it is very thin. Additionally, the cover is made of 100% polyester, this is also a good material.

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Helix Mattress’s Differences

Ideally, each Helix mattress is made as a specific needs of an online purchaser. It means you have to make your own order in advance for your right mattress. But how can Helix know your right mattress? You have to do a Helix mattress quiz before ordering a mattress.

From that, Helix will know your own informations including gender, height, weight, body type, sleeping position, cooling needs and firmness preference. Others can be your medical conditions like neck pain or back pain and your body temperature.

After getting the final result, Helix team and their PhD researchers will analyze these facts, and then design a mattress that is personalized to the needs of each buyer.

More interestingly, from that said, it seems difficult to design a mattress for couples, but it doesn’t matter at all.  In case you need a mattress for couples, Helix offers you two options:

Blended mattress – this mattress is designed to suit the needs of both, but if you both have similar or nearly similar styles of sleeping, needs and preferences.

Split mattress – it means the mattress is split into two separate parts without a seam. Each part is expertly designed to be customized to specific needs of you and your partner.

Sinkage Tests

The table below indicates the specific sinkage for each of our positional tests for all 4 of the Helix configurations I tested.

Sinkage Tests
Helix #1
Helix #2
Helix #3
Helix #4
Lying on back
Lying on side
Sitting on edge (conservative)
Sitting on edge (aggressive)
Standing in middle

Below is an explanation of what each position test means:

  • Lying on back –  In a normal lying position on my back with my weight evenly distributed
  • Lying on side – Lying on my side with arms extended along the front of my body
  • Sitting on the edge (conservative) – A conservative sitting position, where I was sitting a bit further back on the mattress, but still had my feet on the floor
  • Sitting on the edge (aggressive) – A more aggressive sitting position, where I was sitting directly on the edge of the mattress
  • Standing in the middle – Standing in the middle of the mattress with all of my weight focused on a single point


Twin XL
California King

Helix Firmness Levels

Helix mattress firmness

Helix Mattress Configurations

There are four most popular Helix configurations. The differences of each mattress is about how it is constructed. It can be the adjustments for the thickness of top layer and the second layer. Additionally, the switching of the materials for the same layer also matters.

For instance, to create a firm feel for heavier sleeper, 2.4-inch layer of microcoils is used for the third layer, but for the slightly softer feel, 2-inch layer of poly foam is used for the third layer.

  • Slightly softer feel – this is designed to suit the needs of side sleepers and those who prefer slightly soft feel. Though, it is very soft to touch, it is still firm enough to not too sink far down into the mattress. In addition, pressure relief and contouring support are two necessary features to have.
Helix mattress layers 1

Helix layers, design #1 (top to bottom) – 2″ Helix dynamic foam, 2.4″ microcoils, 2″ poly foam, 4″ base foam

  • Medium firm feel – having designed to be contoured and not too soft or too firm, this mattress is suitable for most sleepers.
Helix mattress layers 2

Helix mattress layers, design #2 (top to bottom) – 2″ poly foam, 2.4″ microcoils, 2″ Helix dynamic foam, 4″ base foam

  • Medium firm feel for lighter weight – with this design, it is beneficial to back and side sleepers. Especially, this is also a mattress which shows very little sinkage.
Helix mattress layers 3

Helix mattress layers, design #3 (top to bottom) – 2″ Helix dynamic foam, 2″ poly foam, 2.4″ microcoils, 4″ base foam

  • Firm feel for heavier sleepers – there is always a group of sleepers who loves to sleep on a pretty firm mattress, and this firm level would definitely please them.
Helix mattress layers 4

Helix mattress layers, design #4 (top to bottom) – 2″ poly foam, 2″ Helix dynamic foam, 2.4″ microcoils, 4″ base foam

Additional Information

  • Helix offers a warranty for 10 years
  • When purchasing a Helix mattress, you can try it out for 100 nights before your real purchasing
  • The mattresses are made in 100% USA

Should You Buy a Helix Mattress?

Obviously Helix mattress is packed with many great features: well-constructed, aesthetic outer design, good cover, and more importantly, below are big reasons why you should buy a Helix mattress:

  • It is customized to your own needs. You have your real mattress. It is designed for only you, not others.
  • If you sleep with a partner, the task of looking the best mattress for you is more difficult, but Helix has a solution for your problem. You get two in one without a seam. It is simple!


Obviously, taking care of sleep is very important, and mattress plays a key role in providing a good night sleep. For this reason, personally, it couldn’t be better to have a mattress that is personalized to your specific needs like Helix mattress. Actually, no brand else can do this for their beloved customers, but it seems, with Helix, nothing is impossible. That’s why Helix stands out in the market.

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Customization at an Amazing Price
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  • Cooling
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The Helix mattress is a 10" fully customizable foam combination mattress. The Helix mattress quiz walks sleepers through the difficult process of selecting a mattress, helping to identify their specific needs and align them towards a custom designed mattress. At $945 for a Queen the Helix offers great value for a customized sleep experience. The above average material quality, custom design, and great service combine to deliver great value in a fully personalized mattress.


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