I Love My Pillow Review

Have you been on the search for a new pillow, but just can’t decide the one that’s right for you? Look no further and say hello to I Love My Pillow. I Love My Pillow has several different pillows in their product line, but today we’ll be taking a look at three of their most popular pillows.

Will one of these pillows check off everything on your list? There’s only one way to find out. Keep reading below and find the answers you need!

i love you pillow review

I Love My Pillow – Memory Down Review


The I Love My Pillow memory down is structured from a 100% memory foam pad in addition to a fill of down feathers and a cotton cover. The feathers are filled inside of a pocket on the inner portion of the cover. Directly beneath the down fill is the memory foam core. The combination of these two materials works to provide a soft sleeping surface in addition to the moldability from the memory foam.

The Memory Down pillow is fluffy, soft, and has a total weight of 2.7 pounds.


The cover of the Memory Down pillow is fairly basic, but still offers a step up from most traditional pillows. While the cover is an all white, 100% cotton blend, I Love My Pillow decided to add their logo to the corner of the cover, helping to take away from the more drab all white design.The logo adds a little color as well as a smooth final touch for a sleek, modern aesthetic.

This cover is both washer and dryer friendly. There is a zipper on one end of the cover that allows for removal of the inner memory foam core before a wash / dry cycle. The cover contains a 500 thread count and seems to be very well made.

Feel & Support

The Memory Down pillow from I Love My Pillow has quite a unique feel. The combination of down feathers and memory foam provide the best of both worlds. On top, you’re welcomed by a soft layer of down feathers. As you continue to lie down on the pillow, you notice the memory foam below beginning to cradle your head / neck and providing great support. The pillow has an average response time when pressure is applied. The response is not instantaneous like you’d get with a latex or other materials, but it’s also not overly slow either.

With regards to support, the Memory Down pillow does a great job for side and stomach sleepers. While I tend to rotate between these two positions, I felt as if the Memory Down pillow was able to adjust and provide me with the support I needed. As I lied on my stomach, the down feathers sunk in deep enough to flatted the pillow out. Yet, as I rolled over onto my side, I had a little more weight coming from my shoulders and neck. Still, this pillow proved to have good support.

The down feathers once again sank in, but as they did, I was greeted by the gentle hug of the memory foam core below. With that said, my wife is mainly a back sleeper and informed me that the pillow sank in a tad bit to much for her liking. So in general, I would say this pillow is best suited for side and stomach sleepers.

All in all, I really enjoyed the feel and support of this pillow. The comfort of the down feathers mixed with the support of the memory foam is quite nice. I’m impressed by the ability of this pillow to truly offer the best of both world from comfort to support.

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I Love My Pillow – Contour Decor Review


The I Love My Pillow Contour Decor is made up of a plush outer cover and a 100% memory foam pad. Although this is a simple pillow, the construction is quite interesting. The memory foam pad has a slight contouring dip that helps to provide a more natural contouring support to your head and neck.

The Contour Decor pillow is soft, moldable, and comes in at a total weight of 2.7 pounds.


I’m a fan of the Contour Decor pillow cover. It is designed from 100% polyester and is one of the softest covers I have tested to date. Not to mention, the cooling of this cover is great. The memory foam is easily able to breathe through the cover, preventing any hot spots around your head or neck during sleep. I Love My Pillow had their logo stitched into the upper corner of this cover as well. This design seems to be their staple final touch for all of their pillows.

The cover of this pillow can be removed and ran through a standard wash / dry cycle as well. The zipper is very well made and did not have any snag issues during my tests.

Feel & Support

The contour decor pillow had somewhat of a traditional memory foam feel to it. Granted, the cradle of this pillow was much better than a lot of other memory foam pillows I have tested. The dip in the memory foam pad did a great job of providing a balanced level of support and moldability.

Compared to a completely round pillow, the Contour Decor pillow uses the dip to prevent rolling off of the pillow during sleep. This dip is actually a flat spot on the pillow that helps to keeps your head / neck aligned with your spine. The overall contour of this pillow is above average compared to more traditional memory foam pillows.

Now, as a stomach sleeper, I was not crazy about this pillow. However, I enjoyed the pillow while sleeping on my side. My wife, primarily a back and side sleeper, felt very supported and enjoyed the density of this pillow. This pillow is not very thick, but it is rather dense with a very quick response time. If you’re a back sleeper or a side sleeper who enjoys a dense pillow with a moderate loft, this could be a great option.

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I Love My Pillow – Traditional Memory Gel Review


The Traditional Memory Gel pillow by I Love My Pillow is constructed from a gel memory foam and plush outer cover. The gel memory foam is designed to provide a cooler sleeping surface while still offering balanced levels of support and contour.

The Traditional Memory Gel pillow is soft yet dense and has a total weight of 2 pounds 11 ounces.


The cover of this pillow is slightly different than the pillows mentioned above. The Traditional Memory Gel cover is structured from a blend of polyester (55%) and viscose from bamboo (45%). Additionally, the cover is quite porous, which helps to improve airflow. After squeezing this pillow, I noticed air releasing from the core through the cover as the pillow returned to its natural shape. This is an added benefit in terms of maintaining a very cool sleeping surface.

The cover of the Traditional Memory Gel pillow is not machine washable. I Love My Pillow recommends only spot cleaning the cover to avoid any damage.

Feel & Support

Once again, the Traditional Memory Gel pillow has a different feel than the Memory Down or Contour Decor. This pillow does not provide as deep of a contour, but still provides a good level of support. Throughout my sleep test I tried this pillow in all different sleeping positions. I was most impressed by the support I received while lying on my back. There is definitely a good amount for side sleepers as well, but on my back this pillow showed no signs of weakness in the support department. On my stomach I was not very comfortable.

That said, if you’re a heavier stomach sleeper who enjoys a dense pillow, this one could be a good fit. Otherwise, I would rate this pillow most appropriate for back sleepers and side sleepers who enjoy a more dense moderate loft feel.

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i love you pillow pricing

Other Details

  • Shipping – varied based on location, ships from Amazon
  • Smell – there was virtually no off-gassing or significant smell from any of these pillows
  • Offered in Queen and King sizes only
  • Offered in 3 different profiles (lofts) – low, medium, and high
  • Made in the USA

Which version of the I Love My Pillow Should I Buy?

While each of these pillows have impressed me, they should all be somewhat tiered for a specific sleeping style. All 3 versions of the I Love My Pillow provide great support, contour, and comfort.

I would recommend the Memory Down pillow to sleepers who:

  • Sleep on their stomach or side – if you’re an avid stomach or side sleeper, the Memory Down is a good option for you. The down fill allows the pillow to flatted out while the memory foam still provides the support you need.
  • Like the idea of down feathers and memory foam – this pillow does offer quite a unique feel. If you’re a fan of a soft top layer followed by a more firm, dense bottom layer, this pillow is one to consider.
  • Want a soft and fluffy pillow – all in all, this pillow is soft and fluffy. While there is not a dramatically high loft, the fluff of the down fill gives the pillow a softer feel.

I would recommend the Contour Decor pillow to sleepers who:

  • Sleep on their side or back – as a more dense pillow, this is a great option for side sleepers and good option for back sleepers. The moldability is a major benefit for side sleepers and the density is a good fit for those who sleep on their back.
  • Enjoy a sharper pillow contour – this pillow has a more dense memory foam core, which allows it to have a more pronounced contour. As you lie your head down on this pillow you will notice an instant mold around your head / neck.
  • Like a medium firm pillow – while this pillow is strictly memory foam, it is a tad bit firmer than the memory down pillow. The memory adapts very well to your head / neck, but make note that this pillow is not extremely soft.

I would recommend the Traditional Memory Gel pillow to sleepers who:

  • Sleep on their back – if you’re a back sleeper, the Traditional Memory Gel pillow could be an excellent choice. It is a fairly dense pillow with less moldability than the memory down or contour decor pillows. This pillow has a higher loft as well and does a great job of keeping the spine in alignment during sleep.
  • Side sleeper who enjoy a dense pillow – as a side sleeper, this pillow could also be a good fit. Although there is less moldability, the pillow does give a little and provide a good amount of loft, comfort, and support while on your side.
  • Want a very cool pillow – with a gel memory foam inserted into a polyester / bamboo cover, this pillow sleeps very cool. Additionally, the cover is quite porous, which allows for optimal airflow between the memory foam and cover’s materials.

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