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Mattress Comparisons – CoopHomeGood

The Coophomegood mattress comparison and mattress finder tools can help you search and select a mattress perfect for you. Below you’ll find two different ways to compare.

Whether you’re shopping for a new mattress on- or offline, it can be extremely difficult to conduct mattress comparisons. This is because many mattress stores (and some online companies) intentionally try to keep you misinformed. Often times the materials, layers, and other construction specs of the mattress are not 100% clear or are missing entirely. This puts buyers in a situation where they cannot effectively compare mattresses of different brands or models, giving mattress salesmen all of the power. I created Sidesleeperreviews to change that. We’re putting power back in the hands of buyers. We have just posted an article on how to choose the best pillow, you can learn it here.

The mattress comparisons here detail every mattress I have reviewed. I personally research, analyze, and sleep test every mattress you find on Sidesleeperreviews. I sleep on it, I stand on it, I bounce on it, I sit on it, I have sex on it…I make every review as in-depth as possible, giving you all of the information you need to make a well informed decision.

Mattress Model Finder & Comparison Matrix

You can use our mattress model finder and comparison matrix to quickly start to discovery and narrow down your mattress search by common performance criteria, including firmness, height, response, hug, motion transfer, and more.

MattressPriceTypeFirmnessHeightMotion TransferHug / ContourResponse
Leesa$940Foam combo610"LowModerateFast
Purple$999Foam combo6-6.510"LowModerateVery Fast
Helix$995Foam comboCustom10"LowModerateFast
Luxi$1099Foam combo3.5, 5.5, or 810"LowSignificantAverage
Eight$850Foam combo610"LowModerateAverage
Ghostbed$795Foam combo6.5-711"LowSlightAverage
Hyphen$750Foam combo610"LowModerateFast
Arctic Dreams$290Foam combo510"LowModerateFast
Tuft & Needle$750Poly foam6-6.510"LowSlightFast
Eve$649Foam combo6.5-79.5"LowModerateSlow
Casper$950Foam combo69.5"LowModerateFast
Yogabed$799Foam combo610"Very LowModerateAverage
Lucid - 16"$770Foam combo316"Very LowModerateVery Slow
Loom & Leaf$1,099Memory foam5.5 or 812"Very LowExtremeAverage
Amerisleep - Colonial$1,599Memory foam413"Very LowModerateAverage
Amerisleep - Independence$1,999Memory foam514"Very LowSignficantAverage
Amerisleep - Americana$1,099Memory foam710"Very LowSignficantFast
Amerisleep - Liberty$1,399Memory foam512"Very LowSlightSlightly Quick
Amerisleep - Revere$1,299Memory foam612"Very LowModerateSlightly Quick
Nest Bedding - Alexander Signature$1,199Memory foam6 or 813"Very LowModerateAverage

Mattress Comparison Tool

If you need help using our mattress comparison tool above here’s a few tips to get you started on the road to comparing and choosing the right mattress for you.

  1. Decide on the type of feel you’re most interested in. Do you like foam or do you want to stick with coils? Do you want a medium balanced feel or something on the very hard or soft end of the firmness spectrum? Do you have a budget and price in mind?
  2. Check out my individual mattress reviews. These are single standalone reviews and will give you the most in-depth background information on each mattress.
  3. Still not sure what to buy? I’m always available to help. Send me an email via my contact form. Most of the time I can respond within 24 hours.
  4. Ready to buy? Stop by my promo code and coupon page! You can save $50-$250 off most mattresses I’ve reviewed.

Side-by-Side Mattress Comparisons

When you have it narrowed down to a couple of mattress options our side-by-side mattress comparisons are the perfect guide to help you make your final decision. Each of these guides looks at two popular mattresses and breaks them down in a head-to-head mattress comparison, showing you the pros, cons, and everything in between.

Casper Mattress Comparisons

Leesa Mattress Comparisons

Tuft & Needle Comparisons