My Pillow Classic Premium Series Bed Pillow

My Pillow Classic Premium Series Bed PillowThe luxurious My Pillow Classic Premium Series Bed Pillow is a poly-filled pillow like no other you have ever known. It’s patented interlocking fill creates a firm support that won’t flatten the way normal polyester filled pillows will. The unique design allows for cool, supportive comfort that will keep your head and back in the proper position to avoid the common sleep-related ailments, and even help reduce pain from injuries and illness. It is the best supportive pillow for side sleep and neck pain.

The neck is at its most vulnerable as we sleep. Unsupported it can bend in uncomfortable ways that make it hard to stay asleep, and even pinch nerves and create sore, tender muscles. Pinched nerves in the neck are often the cause for headaches, some even to the level of a migraine, stiff neck muscles, sore shoulders, tingling in the arms and even lower back pain and sore legs. The central nervous system, located in the spinal column reaches out to all areas of the body, and many sleep positions cause the vertebrae in the neck to be twisted and contorted in a way that increases the likelihood of damage to the nerves inside. The MyPillow provides firm support while allowing you to rest on a cool, comfortable surface that is as smooth and lush as a 5-star resort.

Features of the My Pillow Classic Premium Series Bed Pillow

  • Patented Interlocking Fill
  • 4 Loft Choices
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the US
  • Machine Washable
  • Will Not Flatten

Materials Used in the My Pillow Classic Premium Series Bed Pillow

The MyPillow filling is made in the USA of the highest-quality polyester fibers. It has an open cell design that gives it both buoyancy, resilience and also allows for excellent air flow to keep the pillow cool as you sleep, reducing body and room heat buildup and also keeping moisture from forming mildew or mold in the core. Because the MyPillow is made of a washable material, it is easy to keep the entire pillow clean simply by putting it in the washer and dryer, so you can sleep comfortably through the night in the healthiest atmosphere every day.

Pillows made from down or feathers crush easily. They cannot provide support and need constant fluffing just to be comfortable. The MyPillow is so well designed the company offers one of the longest and strongest guarantees in the sleep system industry. You get a full 10-year warranty. Unlike foam pillows, the polyester filling will not have an odor when it arrives, and never needs to be aired out to keep its great smelling, firm and supportive good looks. The MyPillow is just as supportive as foam pillows without the weight and rigidity. You can shape the MyPillow to any configuration to mold to your body and keep you supported while you sleep.

If you like to sleep with an arm under the pillow, the MyPillow will mold easily to allow for comfortable positioning. If you need upper back support when sleeping on your side, you can mold the MyPillow under your neck and around your shoulders to support between the shoulder blades.

MyPillow is great for any sleep position and is easy to shape with enough give for stomach and back sleepers, and enough filling to support the neck when sleeping on the side. It is also great for pregnant women who want extra support for their stomach and chest during the night.

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Picking the Right Size My Pillow for Your Body Type

MyPillow differs from other support pillows in several ways, but none more important than the ability to purchase the right size for your body. Everyone has a different body size, and that will have a great deal of influence on how much thickness you can use to keep supported without feeling overwhelmed by the pillow you are using.

MyPillow lets you choose the degree of thickness by selecting your size of t-shirt. The reason for that is the thickness people require is largely determined by the size of the space between their shoulders and the mattress, which can be determined by the size shirt they wear. MyPillow also comes in both King and Queen/Standard sizes so you can get the pillow that best matches your needs.

Disadvantages of the My Pillow Classic Premium Series Bed Pillow

It is important to understand what the differences in filling involve when buying any support pillow. People have to get used to new types of pillows, and if you are expecting the same type of firmness as memory foam it can be an adjustment to use the MyPillow. The poly-filling resembles shredded memory foam to some degree, but does not have the weight that people used to memory foam pillows expect in an expensive support pillow. Give it a chance before making the judgment. Less weight can be a good thing, especially if you like to move the pillow around during the night to support various areas of the body.


The My Pillow Classic Premium Series Bed Pillow is not one of the cheaper support pillows, but when you are ready to commit to a good night’s sleep, it is worth the price to find one that really hits a home run in all areas of quality. I like the fact that you can really count on the MyPillow Company to keep you happy, and the extremely long warranty time they offer is reassuring.

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