Purple Pillow Review

Are you currently looking to upgrade your pillow? Well, if that’s the case, we are here to introduce you one of the best options currently available. The Purple pillow is made by a highly reputed company which was initially into making mattresses only.

Nevertheless, it takes advantage of patented hyper-elastic materials made of polymer to make sure that their sleeping solutions are of the highest quality. This results in cooler, responsive and very supportive overall appeal which is most certainly something that you ought to keep in mind.

Let’s waste no time and jump straight into our Purple pillow review!

purple pillow

Construction of Purple Pillow Review

Starting off, the construction of this pillow is rather interesting. The materials that are used for its making include 2% polyester as well as 98% polymer which is hyper-elastic. The outer coating is made out of a boosting PVC which is capable of being inflated. This is going to allow you to easily achieve the desired height as per your personal preferences and sleeping habits.

If you are familiar with the mattress made by the company, you will probably pick up that their pillow is also constructed in a very similar manner. It takes advantage of smart grid technology which is rather rigid thanks to the hyper-elastic polymer used in it.

The material is specifically designed to conform to your head and your neck (see our neck pain pillows). This happens every single time you lie down on it. What is more, the shape is going to be retained, and it’s not going to get lost – this is something very important as well. The polymer also has very breathable and high cooling properties, increasing ventilation quite substantially. The sleeping surface is likely to remain properly cooled off throughout the entire time.

Also, the Purple booster is also going to add more ventilation. The adjustable height is designed in a manner which is capable of accommodating side, back as well as stomach sleepers and it could be removed if you need to.

purple pillow

What’s the cover like?

Pillow covers play a role that’s far more important than the covers of the mattresses. It is made out of spandex, bamboo, and polyester. These materials are specifically combined to ensure that you get a plush casing which is going to enhance the overall properties of the comprehensive construction, add more breathability as well as flexibility.

From an aesthetics standpoint, the cover is entirely white, and there is one purple zipper which would allow you to remove the entire interior portion of the unit. This allows for easy cleaning and drying of the cover itself. The solution is 100% machine washable.

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Bed for Your Head

The first thing you’ll notice about the Purple pillow is its weight—10.5 pounds. Despite the weight, the pillow has a good form factor—it’s not too thick like many pillows. It has a good width for sleeping, and the included air-booster will keep those who like thicker pillows happy.

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ releases pressure where it needs to. It’s laid out in a grid of cells. The cells are designed to yield only after weight over the weight threshold is reached. The walls then release and transfer the pressure to neighboring cells. The net result is that high-pressure parts of your body—the head—sink in, while the low-pressure parts—your neck—are fully supported. In fact, the edges of the pillow are designed to be extra supportive of your neck. Air moves freely in the pillow, keeping your head cool.

Other Considerations About Purple Pillow

Now, the pillow is free to ship throughout the entire country, and it comes at a fairly reasonable $99 price point. The initial off-gassing smell is slight and minimal, and it goes away in a few hours. The trial period is set to 100 nights, and the pillow comes with a 10-year warranty.

It’s made out in the USA entirely, thus guaranteeing the high quality of the materials and the manufacturing protocols which have been put in place.

We would recommend the Purple pillow to you if:

  • You want a pillow that’s very supportive – thanks to the smart-grid technology which is commonly implemented by Purple; you can rest assured that your head would be perfectly well supported throughout the entire time. The same goes for your neck.
  • You are looking for an adjustable solution – the booster which is inflatable is particularly convenient. Not a lot of products come with this.
  • You look for a cool pillow – if temperature regulation is something that bothers you and you wake up sweaty in the middle of the night, this is a great solution for you. The materials are going to allow air to flow in freely and there’s nothing for you to be worried about
  • You are not a fan of feathers – if you don’t like the feeling of feather or down, this product works well. It is made of highly efficient and responsive polymer materials, and that’s commonly used in mattresses as well.

Minor Issues

The firmness around the edges can be a minor problem. If you are like me and move around a lot while sleeping, you might find your head on the edge—where it’s firm. The edges are for neck support. Even getting off-center a bit will draw attention to that firmness.

This pillow is probably not a good pillow for stomach sleepers. Its heaviness makes it awkward to move around. Stomach sleepers need to adjust the pillow for their head and arms.

Pros & Cons Purple Pillow


  • Coolness—the pillow is one of the coolest I’ve ever used; it seems to breathe.
  • Long-lasting—its apparent durability justifies the price.
  • Small form-factor—the thin design is perfect for neck support and spinal alignment, while the air booster will satisfy those who like thicker pillows.
  • 100-day refund—if you’re not satisfied, you can return the pillow within 100 days for a full refund.


  • Firm edges—if you move around while sleeping, you’ll find your head on the firmer edges, which can lessen the comfort you experience.
  • The price—it’s worth the price, but I expect many people will at least gulp before buying; with the return policy, however, I think you’ll find this isn’t a major problem.


If you are a back or side sleeper, I highly recommend use Purple pillow. If you tend to sleep on the warm side, or are hot at night, this pillow will solve your problem with its continuous cooling—it’s almost cold. It is a terrific, comfortable pillow which I can recommend without hesitation.